ALE: Skool! Tampere Artists´ Association 100 years


Published: 2020

Publisher: Tampere Art Museum

Writers: Anna Paldanius, Suvi-Mari Eteläinen, Virpi Nikkari and Tapani Pennanen

Description: Hardcover, 183 pages

Language: Finnish / English

ISBN: 978-952-371-000-9


This history of visual art in Tampere is being told in this exhibition catalogue. The focus of the SKOOL! exhibition was on the beginning and end of the period, on contemporary art of two 20’s. The Tampere Artists’ Association is the second oldest artists’ association in Finland. Meanwhile, the Tampere Art Museum is turning 90 years in 2021, making it one of the oldest municipal art museums in Finland. The journey has been largely shared and milestones have been reached both separately and together.




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