SALE: Ilkka Väätti, Hommage


Published: 2020

Publisher: Tampere Art Museum

Writers: Veikko Halmetoja, Taina Myllyharju and Jyrki Siukonen

Description: Hardcover, 96 pages

Language: Finnish / English

ISBN: 978-951-609-979-1


Ilkka Väätti’s (born 1955) publication presents his latest works from 2017–2020. The Hommage series of works that consists of over 30 paintings and two architectons is based on Väätti’s re-interpretations of the works of classics in the history of modern art as well as lesser known artists. Stylistically, the paintings they are based on represent geometrical abstractism and were created between the years 1906 and 1940.


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