Essi Renvall, In Search of Humanity


Published: 2016

Publishers: Finnish Literature Society, Oulu Museum of Art and Tampere Art Museum

Writers: Virpi Nikkari, Tarja Kekäläinen and Tapio Suominen

Description: Hardcover, 176 pages

Language: Finnish / English

ISBN: 978-952-222-722-5


The Finnish sculptress Ester ‘Essi’ Renvall (1911–1979) is known to wider audiences for her child portraits as well as her busts of noted authors commissioned by the WSOY publishing company. She was a celebrated cultural luminary and friend to many of Finland’s leading artists and noted public figures of the day. Renvall’s unique career path to a respected, independent artist, earning her semi-official status as Finland’s national portraitist, is a story deserving to be told. The Art Museums of Oulu and Tampere pooled their resources to research and share the life and work of this accomplished Finnish sculptor with wider audiences in connection of a joint exhibition project.


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