The Industry Museum Guide


Finland's industrialisation began on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids. Tampere grew into a city of labourers, where factory work shaped the everyday lives of the residents. At the Industry Museum you can find out how factory workers lived in the 19th century, what early factory-made shoe looked like, and what is produced in the city today.

The Industry Museum can be found in Finlayson´s old factory building. It has been produced by the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas and Vapriikki. This guide introduces you to the industrial history of Tampere.

Publisher: The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas 2024 / The City of Tampere Museums 173.

Editor: Inka Tuominen

Layout: Kati Lehtinen

116 pages

Languages: Finnish / English

ISBN 978-952-68778-8-4

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