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Published: 2021

Publisher: Tampereen kaupunki

Editor: Jenni Lares

Writers: Martina Becattini, Riccardo Franci, Antti Hannunen, Asla Heikkari, Jenni Lares 

Description: Pehmeäkantinen, 96 sivua

Language: Finnish

ISBN: 978-952-371-003-0


The medieval armored knight on his horse was the most formidable war machine of his time, sent to storm the enemy force. Within the armor, however, in line with the idea of chivalrous romance, rode a sensitive man who effortlessly recited poetry to his loved one, who might have fainted when struck by overwhelming emotional turmoil. This book explores the birth of the knight class, as well as a knight’s training, equipment, and life in castles, tournaments, and on the battlefield. Well-known knights are introduced, and the remnants of chivalry and knighthood are examined in the present day. A few myths are dispelled, and a question arises: were castle maidens really in trouble?

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