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J. A. JUVANI – With All My Love

The Young Artist of the Year 2018


Published: 2018

Publishers: Tampere Art Museum and Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Writer: Illusia Juvani (formerly known as J. A. Juvani) 

Description: Paperback, 190 pages

Language: Finnish / English

ISBN: 978-951-609-921-0


In their works, Illusia Juvani (formerly known as J. A. Juvani) dares to depict and present themselves in different roles, bare (quite literally), frank, open and exposed to comments and even hate speech – boldly and without sparing themselves. They also do this when advocating for many who are weaker. They give a voice to things that not everyone dares to say out loud, while encouraging people to engage in dialogue. Although Juvani’s works as such bring a smile to the viewer’s face and lead to considering just how much the artist will dare to put themselves on the line, there is still much more – including a serious message – underlying the works.



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