SALE: Siveltimen voima


The exhibition publication is an introduction to Finnish expressive painting from the Golden Age to contemporary art. In the articles Tuija Peltomaa tells about the history of the Finnish Fine Arts Foundations, Juha-Heikki Tihinen writes on the tradition of expressive painting in Finland and Tapani Pennanen on the Rydeng Colony, which was a Danish subplot in early Finnish expressionism. The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with Finnish Fine Arts Foundations. The publication includes three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English. 


Soft cover

127 pages

ISBN 978-952-371-046-7

ISSN 0782-3746

Editors: Virpi Nikkari, Marjut Villanueva, Ulrika Grägg

Texts: Taina Myllyharju,Tuija Peltomaa,Tapani Pennanen, Juha-Heikki Tihinen

Graphic design: Mako Niemelä

Publishers: Tampere Art Museum, Finnish Fine Arts Foundations

Tampere Art Museum´s publications 189

Printed by Punamusta, 2022

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